Visitor’s ABC

Library card and Estonian identity card

To make use of book-lending in the libraries of Tapa parish one needs a library card or an Estonian identity card.

To become a patron at the library and get the library card a person must present a valid photo ID. The children must also have parental consent in writing.

The first library card is free of charge for the patron. For a lost or damaged library card a fee of 0,60 € has to be paid in order to receive a new card.

Estonian national identity card is also a valid library card.

Every year patron's personal data (name, contact details, occupation and so on) is verified and the lending privilege is renewed.

Always take your library or ID card with you when going to the library and never give your library card for other people to use. If you happen to lose your card or find someone else's, please notify the library immediately by phone (323 2081) or by email ().

Book lending

The usual period for lending books, magazines and others:

in Tapa public library - 14 days,
in Jäneda, Lehtse and Saksi libraries - 21 days.

In case of high demand (mandatory literature at school, research/study materials and so on) some books may be subjected to a shorter lending period.

Paid services

Copies, printing, scanning, interlibrary loans (ILL) and using the public internet access computer for more than two hours a day are billed according to the pricelist.


With a password one can log in to the e-catalog RIKSWEB where it is possible to extend loans, make reservations on books, view borrowing history and more. Ask for your password from a librarian.

Reserving or queuing books

Books can be reserved or queued:

  • at the library
  • by phone 323 2081 (service department) or 323 2082 (children's department)
  • by e-mail:
  • on RIKSWEB

NB! Notifying of books availabilty by phone is a paid service (it costs 0,30 €). Notification via e-amil is free of charge.
Reserved book should be collected within 3 days.
Don't forget to notify the library once you no longer wish to lend the reserved item.

Due date warnings and reminders

The patron is responsible for returning borrowed items on time. When lending items from the library, patron is given a receipt with the list of items and due dates on it. Reminders about upcoming due dates are sent by the library to the patron's e-mail address.

Extending loans

The borrowing period can be extended for items with no queue (no reservations) :

  • at the library
  • by phone 323 2081 (service department) or 323 2082 (children's department)
  • by e-mail:
  • on RIKSWEB

Overdue fines

There's a fine of 0,01 € per each book for every day overdue.

Lost or damaged book

If an item borrowed from the library goes missing or gets damaged, the patron has several options:

  1. replace the item with a new copy of the same item,
  2. pay for the item (the price to pay may be up to 10 times the original price, depends on demand and rarity of the item),
  3. replace it with another item that's of the same value to the library.

Please discuss with the ilbrarian first about the replacement options.

A small list of eligible replacement books:

  • Jüri Freimann „Pruuna-Kõrve“, 1999
  • „Põhja-Eesti südamaadel“, 1997
  • Jerome David Salinger „Kuristik rukkis“
  • Annie M.G. Schmidt „Miisu“

Interlibrary loans (ILL)

Through interlibrary loans (ILL) it is possible to order books missing in our library from other libraries in Estonia.

  • The lending period of items ordered from other libraries is set by the owner library. Usually this is 2-4 weeks.
  • Cost of returning the book (postal fee) will be paid by the patron.
  • In case copies are sent instead of the ordered item, the patron will have to pay for them according to the bill presented by the library who made the copies.